RTOSDemo.elf throws “undefined ref to ‘vApplicationDaemonTaskStarupHook'” when compiling for cycloneV.

I am attempting to build the cycloneV demo for freeRTOS v10.2.1 in DS-5 v5.29.1 and get an error when building the target RTOSDemo.elf. The error is in timers.c, a file which as already compiled without errors earlier in the build, “undefined ref to ‘vApplicationDaemonTaskStarupHook'”. Not sure why this is not building, any help is appreciated.

RTOSDemo.elf throws “undefined ref to ‘vApplicationDaemonTaskStarupHook'” when compiling for cycloneV.

Any function that starts ‘Application’ is something the application writer is supposed to provide – basically a callback. Try: https://www.google.com/search?q=vApplicationDaemonTaskStartupHook For me the documentation is on the second link. Alternatively, search for the function in the source code and find: ~~~


{ extern void vApplicationDaemonTaskStartupHook( void );
/* Allow the application writer to execute some code in the context of
this task at the point the task starts executing.  This is useful if the
application includes initialisation code that would benefit from
executing after the scheduler has been started. */


~~~ So if you don’t need the function, set configUSEDAEMONTASKSTARTUPHOOK to 0 in FreeRTOSConfig.h.

RTOSDemo.elf throws “undefined ref to ‘vApplicationDaemonTaskStarupHook'” when compiling for cycloneV.

Not sure why the freeRTOS demo for this board came with this hook enabled as it does not seem to use it. Turning the hook of fixed the problem, thank you.