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STR71x port

Posted by Nobody/Anonymous on March 15, 2005
Has anybody started a port for the STR71x from ST microelectronics. We are currently working on such a port with Real View from ST/ARM and would need help on porting the assembler code!

RE: STR71x port

Posted by Nobody/Anonymous on March 15, 2005
See the thread -

Don't know the conclusion.

The key to ARM ports is the startup code and interrupt handling.

The startup code should ensure stacks are setup for supervisor and IRQ modes + whichever mode main() gets called in.

Does the ST have a vectored interrupt controller? Presuming it does then this will vector IRQ interrupts to the correct address. It is important that this is done directly. Some compiler systems put wrappers around the interrupt service routines that modify the mode and stack. You don't want this because FreeRTOS does this for you and expects to find the stack unmodified. In other words you need to vector directly to the application ISR code.

Which compiler are you using?

RE: STR71x port

Posted by Nobody/Anonymous on March 15, 2005
We are using the ARM RealView Development Kit with integrated assembler/compiler from ARM.

RE: STR71x port

Posted by Nobody/Anonymous on March 15, 2005
I have never tried using this ($$$) but have been told there is a limitation that prevents the stack pointer being manipulated. Is this correct? It might be that some code is required to be written in asm :-(

RE: STR71x port

Posted by Nobody/Anonymous on March 15, 2005
I didn't read anything about this limitation, but we have some assembly problems on using the FREERTOS Keil or GCC Port from Philips LPCxxxx! We already posted a service issue to STM! Answer should receive us today afternoon! we'll see...

RE: STR71x port

Posted by Nobody/Anonymous on March 15, 2005
Don't know why GCC would be a problem. But if using Keil then, as the WEB site says:

"Keil DKARM copmiler version 1.5" must be used.

Don't know what a copmiler is though :-)

RE: STR71x port

Posted by Richard on March 15, 2005
>Don't know what a copmiler is though :-)

Yes, thankyou spulling is not my best subject. Have fixed the page.

RE: STR71x port

Posted by Kenneth Trussell on April 6, 2006
I am at the point in a project where I would like to have FreeRTOS ported to the Philips LPC ARM7 processors. I am using RealView also. Have you made any progress with the port? I would appreciate any help with the RealView port.

RE: STR71x port

Posted by Nobody/Anonymous on April 7, 2006
The Keil CORTEX M3 port in the V4.0.0 download is a RealView port with the Keil IDE I think.

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