FreeRTOS for AVR32

Hello everybody, After months of inactivity, here are some fresh news about the (unofficial) port of the real-time kernel to AT32AP700x processors. A new stable version (0.2) is available on SourceForge that fixes lot of bugs (many thanks to Ben, Laurent & Cyrille !) This release includes two demonstration programs : - the "Minimal" demo : several tasks runing in // , with a usart   generating interrupts events - a Web server demo using the LWIP IP TCP/IP stack (These demos ran several days without crashing) Project page on SourceForge : Download : This AVR32 port is based on v4.0.2 and uses BSP v1.0 BSP v2.0 beta is not fully supported yet as the Webserver doesn’t seem to work when compiled with the v2.0beta version of the tools (but I didn’t had time to look further – the Minimal demo and LCD test program are OK with v2.0beta) Note : only gcc is supported. I have no plan to support IAR AVR32 compiler – And I did all my developments on Linux (Ubuntu) – So  Cygwin support is not tested Next on the to-do list - full BSP 2.0 support - LCD support (a standalone demonstration program is already working) - use latest version of - integration a linux/busybox-like menuconfig configuration system (see - use newlib as the default std lib - use U-boot as a bootloader - Nano-X port (may need newlib) - Network gateway support Code for some of those features is already available on the Subversion server in the unstable_BSPv1.0 and unstable_BSPv2.0 branches : for BSP 1.0 : svn co for BSP 2.0 : svn co (I will make snapshots of these branches available for download from time to time if you can’t access the SVN server) I will be happy to give write access to the SVN server to anyone who wants to contribute Enjoy ! Ronan