quence concepts

Posted by krishna kumar on March 1, 2008
I am woking on freeRTOS,where i using quence concept when my quencecreate is not created inside my for loop but when i use quence create outside for loop quence is created correctly but resources are not shared properly where my demo application working properly…wht its works properly….

xQueue = xQueueCreate( 10,sizeof( unsigned portLONG ));)//where q is created properly bt not sharing resources properly

xQueue = xQueueCreate( 10, sizeof( unsigned portLONG ) );)//where q is not created
if( xQueue != 0

if(xQueueSend( xQueue,( void * ) &ulVar, ( portTickType ) 10 ) ==1 )


RE: quence concepts

Posted by Richard on March 1, 2008
If you create a queue each time round a for loop without deleting any of the created queues then you will eventually run out of memory and not be able to create any more queues.

I’m not sure what you mean by “where q is created properly bt not sharing resources properly” – what do you mean by not sharing the resource properly?