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Keil - floating point support

Posted by Konrad Heksel on March 16, 2009
I have problem with floating point formatting of sprintf function. Integer formatting works fine. Is there something rtos specific, I should setup?
Thanks for any clue.

RE: Keil - floating point support

Posted by MEdwards on March 16, 2009
Are you saying it only doesn't work when you are using the RTOS? So in a small non RTOS APP the floating point formatting does work?

RE: Keil - floating point support

Posted by Konrad Heksel on March 17, 2009
It looks like...
The following line of code works with non-rtos version of application.

sprintf(CommonBuffer,"I =%5.2fA Delta =%4.1f%%\n", (float)current/100, (float)CalcDeviation(current)/10);

In rtos version of appplication formatting itself look ok, but values of formatted variables are not right (usually zeros).

Keil 3.40, FreeRTOS 5.1.2, LPC2388


RE: Keil - floating point support

Posted by Forest YU on March 17, 2009
May be it is because the sprintf() function is reenterable. I just guess.


RE: Keil - floating point support

Posted by David Gesswein on March 18, 2009
I had a similar problem with floating point on the FreeRTOS Luminary Stellaris demo.
The problem is the float is passed in as a 64 bit double and the ARM requires it to be aligned to 64 bits. The demo set the stack up 32 bit aligned. The changes I made to 4.7.2? using GCC were

added the attribute to stack declaration to force 64 bit alignment
static unsigned long __attribute__ ((aligned (8))) pulStack[STACK_SIZE];

changed to
#define portBYTE_ALIGNMENT 8

(I also had to add floating point printing to the supplied printf)

RE: Keil - floating point support

Posted by Konrad Heksel on March 18, 2009
This is the point. The problem is with passing 64 bit variable as function parameter in Task.
When, during debugging, I changed appropriately SP the sprintf function started working correctly.

I tried to setup my Keil project similarly, but unfortunately without success.
I appreciate any hints.

RE: Keil - floating point support

Posted by Konrad Heksel on March 18, 2009
I managed it running under heap_2 memory model.
The modifications should be exactly like "dig" suggested.
For Keil it is:

#define portBYTE_ALIGNMENT 8
in portmacro.h

__align(8) static struct xRTOS_HEAP
unsigned portLONG ulDummy;
unsigned portCHAR ucHeap[ configTOTAL_HEAP_SIZE ];
} xHeap;
in heap_2.c

I am still confused in heap_3 memory model for which the problem still exists.
I checked. Configuration of heap in Startup.s file is 8 bytes aligned.
So why it does not work in this case?


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