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Request for help to new uC port.

Posted by Ayewin Oung on March 2, 2009

I'm intending to port the FreeRTOS to simple micro controller, www.xmos.com. And I would appreciate it if someone can point at me the followings, please?

1. Any port guide, I'm reading the doc on the http://www.freertos.org/ , any more?
2. Test suites to validate the port, if any, esp. inter task, communication and synchronizations. My work will be a lot less if there is test suite to validate the port.

Thanks in advance for all your help.


RE: Request for help to new uC port.

Posted by Dave on March 2, 2009
Did you see this page:

it has been linked to from the forum before. I'm not sure if it is in the WEB site links or not though.

One of the best ways to port is to find an existing port that uses an similar architecture or at least the architecture has similar features. For example does the XMOS device have a software interrupt that can be set pending like the Fujitsu 16FX or Cortex M3, if so then one of these would be a good port to study.

Are you working for XMOS? If so you should contact Richard directly for assistance.

RE: Request for help to new uC port.

Posted by Ayewin Oung on March 3, 2009
Thanks Dave, I'll look into that.

As for your question, yes I do work for XMOS, and I'm hoping to do some of this on my own time, to "explore" things for XMOS. But I must stress I'm not softy ;)

btw. how do I contact Richard directly ?

RE: Request for help to new uC port.

Posted by Richard on March 3, 2009
> btw. how do I contact Richard directly ?

You can email me on r (dot) barry _at_ freertos.org.

I'm based in Bristol - I think you are not too far away?


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