compiler ERROR for Cygnal 8051 Port

Hi, I am trying to compile the sources for Cygnal 8051 port of, but my output is the following error. dcc -c –model-large -I. -I../Common/include -I../include -I../../Source/includ  e -DSDCC_CYGNAL –debug –less-pedantic –xram-size 8448 –stack-auto –no-peep  --int-long-reent –float-reent ParTest/ParTest.c  process_begin: CreateProcess((null), sdcc -c –model-large -I. -I../Common/inclu  de -I../include -I../../Source/include -DSDCC_CYGNAL –debug –less-pedantic –x  ram-size 8448 –stack-auto –no-peep –int-long-reent –float-reent ParTest/ParT  est.c, …) failed.  make (e=2): The system cannot find the file specified.  make: *** [ParTest/ParTest.rel] Error 2  thank you in advance for your help