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Is it valid to call vTaskResume() from ISR?

Posted by Alexander Horoshilov on May 16, 2006

I need to stop task execution until event occurs. I detect this event in ISR. May I use vTaskSuspend(0) to suspend task and resume it later with vTaskResume() call from ISR. I've tried both cooperative and preemption modes, in both cases I've got similar results - the task does not work properly after resuming (in some cases stack is corrupted, other unexpected behaviour is also detected).

Before I dig in my code with bug search, I'd like to know is it legal to call vTaskResume from ISR. From what I saw in sources, it should be, but I didn't found explicit statement which confirms this.


RE: Is it valid to call vTaskResume() from ISR?

Posted by Nobody/Anonymous on May 16, 2006
From a quick look at the source I would suggest:

TaskSuspend cannot be used from an ISR.

TaskResume can be used from an ISR provided the task being resumed has a priority less than the task that was interrupted.

The problem if the task being resumed has a priority higher than or equal to the current (interrupted) task is that a yield will be called. This cannot be done from an ISR. Each port provides a way of calling a yield at the end of the ISR function (portEND_SWITCHING_ISR macro in my case).

If you want to resume a task from an ISR then either block the task using a queue and unblock it using a queuesendfromisr() call but this is not efficient, or modify the code so that the vTaskResume() function does not call yield. If you want you can get vTaskResume to return a bool to say if a yield is required or not. This is the difference between queue send and queue send from isr.

RE: Is it valid to call vTaskResume() from ISR?

Posted by Alexander Horoshilov on May 16, 2006
It seems to be exactly my case -- suspended task is of higher priority. Thank you for the clarification, I'll redesign my app.

RE: Is it valid to call vTaskResume() from IS

Posted by Jeff Smith on May 18, 2006
I think what you want is a queue (or semaphore).

xQueueSendFromISR() or xSemaphoreGiveFromISR() is what the ISR would call to wake the task.

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