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Problem with SWI

Posted by Kristian Dilov on May 9, 2009
Hello everybody,
I'm trying to change the FREERTOS to have pre-emtive and nonpre-emtive tasks simultaneously. So the idea is when the task has completed its job to yield explicitelly:

void vPortYieldProcessor( void ) __attribute__((interrupt("SWI"), naked));
#define portYIELD() asm volatile ( "SWI\n\t" )

static portTASK_FUNCTION( vTask2, pvParameters )
/* Just to stop compiler warnings. */
( void ) pvParameters;

SendString(EmaName); /* Print something */
portYIELD(); /* trigger a task switch*/

Actually trhough my debugger (yagarto tools + eclipse) I see that the program hengs always at the program abort trap:
.section .startup,"ax"
.code 32
.align 0

b _start/* reset - _start*/
ldr pc, _undf/* undefined - _undf*/
ldr pc, _swi/* SWI - _swi*/
ldr pc, _pabt/* program abort - _pabt*/
ldr pc, _dabt/* data abort - _dabt*/
nop/* reserved*/
ldr pc, [pc,#-0xFF0]/* IRQ - read the VIC*/
ldr pc, _fiq/* FIQ - _fiq*/

_undf: .word __undf /* undefined*/
_swi: .word vPortYieldProcessor /* SWI*/
_pabt: .word __pabt /* program abort*/
_dabt: .word __dabt /* data abort*/
_fiq: .word __fiq /* FIQ*/

__undf: b . /* undefined*/
__pabt: b . /* program abort*/<-HERE
__dabt: b . /* data abort*/
__fiq: b . /* FIQ*/
Does anybady know what is going wrong ?
Thanks in advance!

RE: Problem with SWI

Posted by Richard on May 9, 2009
You must not allow a task to return from its implementing function. Either the task must be in an infinite loop, or it must be deleted before it reaches the end of the function. A task can delete itself before reaching the end of the function.


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