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FreeRTOS on a ZYNQ board

Posted by monica on May 1, 2013

I am working with an AMP configuration on a Zynq ZC702 board, based on the FreeRTOS-Linux AMP demo provided by Xilinx (http://www.xilinx.com/support/documentation/sw_manuals/petalinux2012_12/ug978-petalinux-zynq-amp.pdf).

I customized the demo, in order to work with the FPGA fabric. I already use a couple of switches and leds, and the idea now is to configure the axi_timer IP on XPS, which already works, but i haven\'t been successful on the configuration on SDK for my FreeRTOS application (Because the interrupt is never acknowledged)

The timer is configured in FreeRTOS, and if I check the registers associated to the timer, I see that the interrupt is generated (a bit sets to 1), but somehow FreeRTOS doesnt recognize the interrupt...

I will post the code parts related to this topic.. maybe any of you find what am I missing. Thank you in advance.

/* -------------------------------------------------------------------------- */

AXI Timer Configuration:

void prvSetAXITimer( void )
/* Initialize the AXI GPIO driver.*/
/*AXI GPIO configuration*/
xStatus = XTmrCtr_Initialize(&TimerInstancePtr,XPAR_AXI_TIMER_0_DEVICE_ID);
if(XST_SUCCESS != xStatus)
xputs(\"TIMER INIT FAILED \\n\\r\");

/* -------------------------------------------------------------------------- */

Interrupt Handler

void axi_timer_handler(void *data)
InterruptFlag = 1;

/* -------------------------------------------------------------------------- */

Setup IRQs by using the following function:

setupIRQhandler(91, &axi_timer_handler, NULL);

/* -------------------------------------------------------------------------- */

The function setupIRQhandler in the port.c file is:

#define XScuGic_ClearPending(DistBaseAddress, Int_Id) \\
XScuGic_WriteReg((DistBaseAddress), \\
XSCUGIC_PENDING_CLR_OFFSET + ((Int_Id / 32) * 4), \\
(1 << (Int_Id % 32)))

void setupIRQhandler(int int_no, void *fce, void *param)
int Status;


Status = XScuGic_Connect(&InterruptController, int_no,
(Xil_ExceptionHandler)fce, param);
if (Status != XST_SUCCESS) {
XScuGic_ClearPending(&InterruptController, int_no);
XScuGic_Enable(&InterruptController, int_no);

RE: FreeRTOS on a ZYNQ board

Posted by Richard on May 1, 2013
Although this may change shortly, currently the Zynq port is provided by a third party and I don't have access to Zynq hardware so I'm afraid I cannot provide any suggestions.


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