Add a contribution in FreeRTOS Interactive

I want to add a contribution in FreeRTOS Interactive and I wonder which license text I should put in the port files ? Since 2011, I maintain a FreeRTOS port for an internal STMicrolectronics core called STxP70. I got a discussion in the past with Real Time Engineers Ltd. about the license header to put in the port files. My understanding is that it was not suitable to set the following full license standard header because the STxP70 port is not ‘officially’ supported by FreeRTOS distribution: /* FreeRTOS V8.2.1 – Copyright (C) 2015 Real Time Engineers Ltd. All rights reserved

This file is part of the FreeRTOS distribution.
… – High Integrity Systems also provide a safety engineered and independently SIL3 certified version for use in safety and mission critical applications that require provable dependability.
1 tab == 4 spaces!
*/ So I only put a standard STMicroelectronics copyright in the port files:


Copyright 2013, STMicroelectronics, Incorporated. All rights reserved. STMICROELECTRONICS, INCORPORATED PROPRIETARY INFORMATION: This software is supplied under the terms of a license agreement or nondisclosure agreement with STMicroelectronics and may not be copied or

disclosed except in accordance with the terms of that agreement.

*/ But this license text is maybe too restrictive. Is it ? What license text should I put to be FreeRTOS compatible ? My contribution is about a Single/Multicore version of FreeRTOS based on the work of Naoki Aizu “FreeRTOS Multicore for the Cortex-M3 on Pandaboard”. I keep the most of the features of the original work. It has been tested on a 8 cores FPGA board. It provides also FreeRTOS gdb introspection with a modified version of gdb. Regards

Add a contribution in FreeRTOS Interactive

Thank you for your efforts and it will be great to have your port available to the community through the Interactive site. You can place your own (or employer’s) copyright notice in the port files if they are your own work, but will need to use the FreeRTOS license agreement, or at your discretion, the standard GPL V2 license without the modification. I would recommend the FreeRTOS license (GPL V2 with the exception) as that is intended to make the work as easy to use as possible. In this case the files are specific to ST hardware so people could not use the files on non ST parts anyway, if that was of concern. Regards.