FYI: s /_TAKS_/_TASK_/ in dsPic Demo (maybe others?) when updating

The typo monster has bitten FreeRTOS in the demo “main.c” for dsPIC 30F: /* The check task may require a bit more stack as it calls sprintf(). */


It doesn’t stop compilation, but such dyslexic typos (TAKS instead of TASK, 2 places) do interfere with even native English speaker’s understanding. FYI, I also found and fixed the

define portPOINTERSIZETYPE uint16_t

needed for the dsPIC30F chips PORTMacro.h, because I require everything to build “clean”, meaning build-time warnings generally indicate a problem. Eric Christenson

FYI: s /_TAKS_/_TASK_/ in dsPic Demo (maybe others?) when updating

Thanks for taking the time to point this out. It is fixed (but not yet checked in) and I’m currently grepping all the other source files for the same. Regards.