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Confused about prvCheckTasksWaitingTermination() function

Posted by ctc8631 on May 9, 2017

Hello, I'm new freeRTOS learner, I try to read v9.0 source code about task.c, and in idle task, it will call prvCheckTasksWaitingTermination()

I'm confused why in this function, it already check there is need deleded task or not by while( uxDeletedTasksWaitingCleanUp > ( UBaseType_t ) 0U ), Why still need to use xListIsEmpty = listLIST_IS_EMPTY( &xTasksWaitingTermination ); to check again,and Why it will use vTaskSuspendAll(); and xTaskResumeAll(); to protect listLIST_IS_EMPTY() I found the xTaskResumeAll(), it really takes times

Is there any reason? thanks =) ~~~ static void prvCheckTasksWaitingTermination( void ) {


#if ( INCLUDE_vTaskDelete == 1 )
	BaseType_t xListIsEmpty;

	/* ucTasksDeleted is used to prevent vTaskSuspendAll() being called
	too often in the idle task. */
	while( uxDeletedTasksWaitingCleanUp > ( UBaseType_t ) 0U )
			xListIsEmpty = listLIST_IS_EMPTY( &xTasksWaitingTermination );
		( void ) xTaskResumeAll();

		if( xListIsEmpty == pdFALSE )
			TCB_t *pxTCB;

				pxTCB = ( TCB_t * ) listGET_OWNER_OF_HEAD_ENTRY( ( &xTasksWaitingTermination ) );
				( void ) uxListRemove( &( pxTCB->xStateListItem ) );

			prvDeleteTCB( pxTCB );
#endif /* INCLUDE_vTaskDelete */

} ~~~

Confused about prvCheckTasksWaitingTermination() function

Posted by rtel on May 9, 2017

Not sure. Looking at it now I would say its probably not necessary. It might be a hang over from before uxDeletedTasksWaitingCleanUp was introduced.

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