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FF_Format() does not work as expected on STM32F4

Posted by sanjayanvekar on May 26, 2017

Hello, I am tyring to use FF_Format() as descibed in the standrd example provided on freertos website, but unfortunatley the formated SD card is not recongnized by Windows and also after formating I cannot create any file on the embedded device. I am using FAT32 format and currently trying with 8Gb uSD card. Please help me to resolve this issue.

Thanks & Best Regards, Sanjay

FF_Format() does not work as expected on STM32F4

Posted by heinbali01 on May 27, 2017

Hi Sanjay,

When you use a pre-formatted card, can your device correctly read and write that card?

I just tried to format a card on my STM32F4 EVAL, by calling FF_SDDiskFormat() from ff_sddisk.c.

It calls FF_Format() as follows:

~~~ /* Format the drive - try FAT32 with large clusters. */ BaseTypet xPartitionNumber = 0; xError = FFFormat( pxDisk, xPartitionNumber, pdFALSE, pdFALSE); ~~~

It produces this logging with a 16GB card:

~~~ 00.000 [SvrWork ] >> format 00.000 [SvrWork ] FFFormat: Secs 31291384 Rsvd 32 Hidden 8 Root 0 Data 31291352 00.000 [SvrWork ] FFFormat: SecCluster 64 DatSec 31283704 DataClus 488807 ulClusterBeginLBA 7688 00.037 [SvrWork ] FFFormat: Clearing entire FAT (2 x 3819 sectors): 14.473 [SvrWork ] FFFormat: Clearing done 14.473 [SvrWork ] FFFormat: Clearing root directory at 00001E08: 64 sectors 14.681 [SvrWork ] FFSDDiskFormat: OK, now remounting 14.686 [SvrWork ] prvDetermineFatType: firstWord 0000FFF8 14.687 [SvrWork ] ****** FreeRTOS+FAT initialized 31291384 sectors 14.687 [SvrWork ] FF_SDDiskFormat: rc 00000001 14.687 [SvrWork ] Reading FAT and calculating Free Space 14.687 [SvrWork ] Partition Nr 0 14.687 [SvrWork ] Type 12 (FAT32) 14.688 [SvrWork ] VolLabel 'MY NAME ' 14.688 [SvrWork ] TotalSectors 31291384 14.688 [SvrWork ] SecsPerCluster 64 14.688 [SvrWork ] Size 15275 MB 14.688 [SvrWork ] FreeSize 15275 MB ( 100 perc free ) ~~~

I copied directories and files to the SD-card and checked them under Linux with fsck.vfat. It passed the tests.

Can you show any logging as here above?

Does your uSD card contain a valid partition table? Was it already formatted before you tried to format it?

Here is how you can create a partition:

FF_IOManager_t *pIoMan = sddisk_ioman( xMyDisk );
FF_PartitionParameters_t xParameters;

memset( &xParameters, '\0', sizeof xParameters );
xParameters.xSizes[0] = 100;         /* Assign 100% to the first partition. */
xParameters.ulSectorCount = pxDisk->ulNumberOfSectors;
xParameters.ulHiddenSectors = 8;     /* Keep at least these initial sectors free. */
xParameters.xPrimaryCount = 1;       /* If true, the partition will become of type "extended". */
FF_Error_t xError = FF_Partition( &xMyDisk, &xParameters );
if( FF_isERR( xError ) == 0 )
    /* partition OK. */


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