Accepting bids for LPC2387 port and demo

I’ve decided to use Eclipse and GCC for a new project on the LPC2387, but the development environment is new to me and it’s been long enough since I’ve touched FreeRTOS that it’s going to take me too long to bring up the MCB2300 demo board, especially while I’m trying to get the kinks worked out of my Cygwin/Eclipse/USB-OCD setup.  So I’ve put a bid request out on – request ID 1056081 – and I’m taking bids on the project. For someone who has the MCB2300 board (and I could probably loan mine out if necessary) and some experience porting FreeRTOS, this should be an easy one.  I think the demos are already done for parts in the same family as the LPC2387, and I don’t think any major changes are needed. Of course, the finished code will be submitted back to the FreeRTOS project.  The project link is here: Thanks, Scott