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Cortex toolchain decisions...

Posted by Dave Nadler on November 14, 2010
For a new project, we're considering a couple of parts.
Toolchain recommendations would be appreciated !

For LPC11C14 (cortex M0), I see there's a port:
Any preference between IAR and LPXpresso (free GNU) toolchains ?

For Stellaris LM3Sxxx (M3) parts, is there a free GNU toolchain that
works with the FreeRTOS M3 port, or do you recommend
another toolchain ?

Thanks !
Best Regards, Dave

RE: Cortex toolchain decisions...

Posted by Dave on November 15, 2010
Free Cortex tool chains I think are always GCC based. If you want command line only then you can get a free up to date distribution from CodeSourcery who are the GCC ARM maintainers. They do a low cost Eclipse based IDE too.

For a free IDE then you are mainly stuck with Eclipse which you can configure yourself or use the Code Red or Atollic versions. I think there are integrations with some other open source IDEs too, CodeBlocks:: maybe.

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