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Trying to port to xmega256A3...

Posted by Travis Griggs on November 26, 2012
We have some code where I work at that runs on an xmega256A3. I think it's overtly complex with all of its state machines, and would like to try using FreeRTOS with it. I'm new to this. I've read through a bunch of the docs. I downloaded the latest (I'm excited about the tickless support, because we frequently sleep to save power). And I think I'm correct in noticing that this processor is not an official supported port. I'm developing on an OSX box with CrossPack's AVR toolchain and avrdude.

So I cloned Demo/AVR_ATMega323_WinAVR, that seemed like it would be the most similar to the xmega256a3 and my platform. I made minor adjustments to the makefile (adjusted the DIRAVR and MCU variables).

When I try to 'make' from there, I get the following error:

ParTest/ParTest.c:102:2: error: 'DDRB' undeclared (first use in this function)

What confuses me though, is where DDRB would normally come from? A 'grep -R "DDRB" *' at the root FreeRTOS directory level, doesn't turn up anything that gives me any hints about what to do to resolve it for my target...

Any help/hints with this specific issue, as well as any general guidance about what else I'm going to need to do to make this work, are much appreciated. I would love to hear that there's already been a port to the xmega256a3...

RE: Trying to port to xmega256A3...

Posted by MEdwards on November 26, 2012
I just looked in partest.c (the file that generates the error) for the AVR GCC port and it contains the line:


FreeRTOSConfig.h includes so the definition must come from there.

I guess that is a data direction register for port B? I suspect the name used by the compiler has changed since the demo was written.

You will find other AVR ports in the Interactive site http://interactive.freertos.org/forums/103473-atmel. Also check out the forums at
where there are some FreeRTOS users.

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