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FreeRTOS for CooCox

Posted by nicdear on November 30, 2013


I'm trying to compile the STemWin Library under CooCox for the STM324xG-EVAL board, but its throws the following error:

[cc] C:CooCoxProjectsSTemWinLibraryV1.1.1ProjectSTM324xG-EVALRTOSUsermain.c:44:1: error: unknown type name 'xTimerHandle' [cc] C:CooCoxProjectsSTemWinLibraryV1.1.1ProjectSTM324xG-EVALRTOSUsermain.c:49:29: error: unknown type name 'xTimerHandle' [cc] C:CooCoxProjectsSTemWinLibraryV1.1.1ProjectSTM324xG-EVALRTOSUsermain.c: In function 'main':

[cc] C:CooCoxProjectsSTemWinLibraryV1.1.1UtilitiesThirdPartyFreeRTOSSourcetimers.c:96:2: error: unknown type name 'tmrTIMERCALLBACK' [cc] C:CooCoxProjectsSTemWinLibraryV1.1.1UtilitiesThirdPartyFreeRTOSSourcetimers.c:218:1: error: unknown type name 'xTimerHandle' [cc] C:CooCoxProjectsSTemWinLibraryV1.1.1UtilitiesThirdPartyFreeRTOSSourcetimers.c:218:148: error: unknown type name 'tmrTIMERCALLBACK' [cc] C:CooCoxProjectsSTemWinLibraryV1.1.1UtilitiesThirdPartyFreeRTOSSourcetimers.c:257:37: error: unknown type name 'xTimerHandle' [cc] C:CooCoxProjectsSTemWinLibraryV1.1.1UtilitiesThirdPartyFreeRTOSSourcetimers.c: In function 'prvProcessExpiredTimer': [cc] C:CooCoxProjectsSTemWinLibraryV1.1.1UtilitiesThirdPartyFreeRTOSSourcetimers.c:332:4: warning: implicit declaration of function 'xTimerGenericCommand' [-Wimplicit-function-declaration] [cc] C:CooCoxProjectsSTemWinLibraryV1.1.1UtilitiesThirdPartyFreeRTOSSourcetimers.c:332:45: error: 'tmrCOMMANDSTART' undeclared (first use in this function) [cc] C:CooCoxProjectsSTemWinLibraryV1.1.1UtilitiesThirdPartyFreeRTOSSourcetimers.c:332:45: note: each undeclared identifier is reported only once for each function it appears in [cc] C:CooCoxProjectsSTemWinLibraryV1.1.1UtilitiesThirdPartyFreeRTOSSourcetimers.c:339:33: error: 'xTimerHandle' undeclared (first use in this function) [cc] C:CooCoxProjectsSTemWinLibraryV1.1.1UtilitiesThirdPartyFreeRTOSSourcetimers.c:339:48: error: expected ')' before 'pxTimer' [cc] C:CooCoxProjectsSTemWinLibraryV1.1.1UtilitiesThirdPartyFreeRTOSSourcetimers.c:339:29: error: called object 'pxTimer->pxCallbackFunction' is not a function [cc] C:CooCoxProjectsSTemWinLibraryV1.1.1UtilitiesThirdPartyFreeRTOSSourcetimers.c: In function 'prvProcessReceivedCommands': [cc] C:CooCoxProjectsSTemWinLibraryV1.1.1UtilitiesThirdPartyFreeRTOSSourcetimers.c:537:9: error: 'tmrCOMMANDSTART' undeclared (first use in this function) [cc] C:CooCoxProjectsSTemWinLibraryV1.1.1UtilitiesThirdPartyFreeRTOSSourcetimers.c:543:37: error: 'xTimerHandle' undeclared (first use in this function) [cc] C:CooCoxProjectsSTemWinLibraryV1.1.1UtilitiesThirdPartyFreeRTOSSourcetimers.c:543:52: error: expected ')' before 'pxTimer' [cc] C:CooCoxProjectsSTemWinLibraryV1.1.1UtilitiesThirdPartyFreeRTOSSourcetimers.c:543:33: error: called object 'pxTimer->pxCallbackFunction' is not a function [cc] C:CooCoxProjectsSTemWinLibraryV1.1.1UtilitiesThirdPartyFreeRTOSSourcetimers.c:554:9: error: 'tmrCOMMANDSTOP' undeclared (first use in this function) [cc] C:CooCoxProjectsSTemWinLibraryV1.1.1UtilitiesThirdPartyFreeRTOSSourcetimers.c:559:9: error: 'tmrCOMMANDCHANGEPERIOD' undeclared (first use in this function) [cc] C:CooCoxProjectsSTemWinLibraryV1.1.1UtilitiesThirdPartyFreeRTOSSourcetimers.c:565:9: error: 'tmrCOMMANDDELETE' undeclared (first use in this function) [cc] C:CooCoxProjectsSTemWinLibraryV1.1.1UtilitiesThirdPartyFreeRTOSSourcetimers.c: In function 'prvSwitchTimerLists': [cc] C:CooCoxProjectsSTemWinLibraryV1.1.1UtilitiesThirdPartyFreeRTOSSourcetimers.c:604:34: error: 'xTimerHandle' undeclared (first use in this function) [cc] C:CooCoxProjectsSTemWinLibraryV1.1.1UtilitiesThirdPartyFreeRTOSSourcetimers.c:604:49: error: expected ')' before 'pxTimer' [cc] C:CooCoxProjectsSTemWinLibraryV1.1.1UtilitiesThirdPartyFreeRTOSSourcetimers.c:604:30: error: called object 'pxTimer->pxCallbackFunction' is not a function [cc] C:CooCoxProjectsSTemWinLibraryV1.1.1UtilitiesThirdPartyFreeRTOSSourcetimers.c:623:46: error: 'tmrCOMMANDSTART' undeclared (first use in this function) [cc] C:CooCoxProjectsSTemWinLibraryV1.1.1UtilitiesThirdPartyFreeRTOSSourcetimers.c: At top level: [cc] C:CooCoxProjectsSTemWinLibraryV1.1.1UtilitiesThirdPartyFreeRTOSSourcetimers.c:656:36: error: unknown type name 'xTimerHandle' [cc] C:CooCoxProjectsSTemWinLibraryV1.1.1UtilitiesThirdPartyFreeRTOSSourcetimers.c:675:26: error: unknown type name 'xTimerHandle'

I have the the "UtilitiesThird_PartyFreeRTOSSourceinclude" and "ProjectSTM324xG-EVALRTOSConfig" directories included but the compiler doesn't seem to see the timers.h file containing the 'xTimerHandle' definition.

Any help with be greatly appreciated, Thanks.

FreeRTOS for CooCox

Posted by richard_damon on November 30, 2013

Do you have a #define configUETIMERS 1 in FreeRTOSConfig.h?

Could you have another file named timers.h?

FreeRTOS for CooCox

Posted by nicdear on December 1, 2013

Hi Richard,

Yes, in 'FreeRTOSConfig.h' I have "#define configUSETIMERS 1". I used the standard STemWIN library set (without modifications), so would be surprised if they used duplicate filenames - but will look into this possibility now.

FreeRTOS for CooCox

Posted by nicdear on December 4, 2013

Hey Richard,

You were right :-) Very concerning that ST released a standard library that contained conflicting file names (I had to modify the headers to point to the right definitions for the conflicting files).

Anyway, enough ranting... thanks for the help.

Take care, Nicholas

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