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xSemaphore source code

Posted by elri on October 21, 2012
Hello everybody,

I'm a new user of FreeRtos and I am trying to undersand how semaphore are managed. My question is quite simple :
There is a semphr.h file, but I can't find the .c ! Where are xSemaphoreXXXX functions coded ?!
Thanks a lot for your help,


RE: xSemaphore source code

Posted by Richard on October 21, 2012
Semaphores are, primarily, implemented as an abstraction layer above the queues. If you look in semphr.h you will see each semaphore macro is #defined to a function, most of which are defined in queue.c.


RE: xSemaphore source code

Posted by elri on October 21, 2012
Thank you for the tip !



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