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vTaskStartScheduler() causes an Assertion

Posted by flat213 on October 26, 2016


i'm new to FreeRTOS and just want to set up a test project with Windows Port. So i've started the demo project therefor and it works fine.

For my project i didn't changed anything in the demo except of starting with the function main_blinky(), i start with the function usrAppInit(), which looks like that:

~~~ void usrAppInit(void) { printf("Initn"); StartTasks();


void StartTasks(void) { TaskHandlet xNvmTaskHandle = NULL; TaskHandlet xMainTaskHandle = NULL;

xTaskCreate(NVMTask, "tNVMTask",initNVM_STACK_SIZE, ( void * ) 1, initNVM_TASK_PRIORITY, &xNvmTaskHandle );

xTaskCreate(MainTask, "tMainTask", initMAIN_STACK_SIZE, (void *) 1, initMAIN_TASK_PRIORITY, &xMainTaskHandle );


for (;; );



and both Tasks are empty(just a printf):

~~~ void MainTask( void * pvParameters ) { /* Prevent the compiler warning about the unused parameter. */ ( void ) pvParameters;

for ( ;; )
	printf("Task Main ist dran\n");

} ~~~

When i debug this, i always get the following:

"ASSERT! Line 422, file c:...timers.c, GetLastError() 0 Trace output saved to Trace.dump"

I know that the Assertion is caused by vTaskStartScheduling, but why? What can be wrong? I think it's quite the same as in the demo which is running within the same project.

Thank you for helping!

vTaskStartScheduler() causes an Assertion

Posted by flat213 on October 26, 2016

Ok, i have found the fail. Its because of my implementation to get my application started. It looks like this:




I don't know which Line of Code exact causes the fail, but if i put my function instead of the blinky and start with mainCREATESIMPLEBLINKYDEMOONLY declared as 1, it should be ok.

You can delete or close.

vTaskStartScheduler() causes an Assertion

Posted by tlafleur on October 26, 2016

Printf are not in general terms, "rtos friendly". You might try running without them and see if you have the same issue.

Their is a friendly version in some of the demo code


alternate (3073 bytes)

vTaskStartScheduler() causes an Assertion

Posted by flat213 on October 26, 2016

Yes, i read this. But i think for test purposes it's ok to use printf. In my final project shouldn't be any printf. This didn't cause the error.

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