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Is SAM7X port in download?

Posted by Nobody/Anonymous on September 22, 2005
[moved from private email thread]

We consider using FreeRTOS with Atmel AT91SAM7X256 (Atmel AT91SAM7X-EK development board). This port is announced "NEW", but not a part of the current 3.2.1 version as far as I can see.

We plan to use Gnu toolchain.

From where can I download complete source + Makefile?

Will I depend on Rowley CrossStudio IDE (or experience much hazzle if I work without Rowley)?

RE: Is SAM7X port in download?

Posted by Richard on September 22, 2005
[moved from private email thread]

Both SAM7X ports and demos are included in the V3.2.1 download. Have you obtained this from SourceForge or somewhere else?

The Rowley/GCC lwIP demo project file is in the FreeRTOS\Demo\lwIP_Demo_Rowley_ARM7 directory.

The IAR uIP demo project file is in the FreeRTOS\Demo\uIP_Demo_IAR_ARM7 directory.

The Rowley port is basically identical to the vanilla command line GCC port (see the LPC2106 port for a vanilla GCC ARM7 port, albeit a different chip) - it just uses a different linker command file format and an IDE project rather than command line makefile.

The Rowley tools (in particular their CrossConnect JTAG interface and debugger interface) make the development process much easier. I have not used command line GCC on an AT91, just an LPC2000 so cannot comment on this directly. However, on the LPC2000 command line GCC worked ok with a parallel port wiggler and the Insight debugger, but the wiggler is slow and Insight less stable than CrossWorks.

If this is a commercial project, then I would recommend an IDE such as CrossWorks. If this is a hobby or student project then GCC and Insight will do, be cheaper, but development will probably take longer.


RE: Is SAM7X port in download?

Posted by Nobody/Anonymous on September 22, 2005
Yes, I have obtained this from SourceForge.

Yes, there is a Rowley/GCC lwIP demo project file in the \FreeRTOS\Demo\lwIP_Demo_Rowley_ARM7 directory, but nothing about AT91SAM7X256 as far as I can see.

I find AT91SAM7S256_MemoryMap.xml, and the files contain many references to AT91SAM7S256. But the AT91SAM7S256 has no Ethernet controller built in. This is why I am confused.

This is not a hobby project and we have a Segger J-Link USB to JTAG adapter. I prefer Makefile for independency, but I will also consider Rowley.

RE: Is SAM7X port in download?

Posted by Richard on September 22, 2005
Most of the files are common between the SAM7X and the SAM7S. The SAM7S port came first, so I named a lot of the files/directories with an S on the end. This was really a mistake, had I known I was going to do a SAM7X port later I would have left the X/S qualifier off the end of all the names and just called then SAM7.

The Source directory actually contains the kernel code - most of which is common to all ports. The parts that are specific to the SAM7 are in the directory FreeRTOS\Source\portable\GCC\ARM7_AT91SAM7S. Here you will find the header files that are specific to the SAM7X that are used in the lwIP demo.

I suggest that you download the Rowley trial version so you can open the project and see all the files and compiler switches that are used for the demo. This would be helpful even if you don't end up using Rowley for your end product as you can copy the files/switches from the project into a makefile. What is particularly important is that you use the startup code that comes with the demo project and not the sample code provided by Atmel.


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