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vCoRoutineSchedule to xCoRoutineSchedule

Posted by sashiono on September 12, 2007
proposed change/addition to vCoRoutineSchedule to xCoRoutineSchedule

instead of returning void I would like to return the true if a co-routine is ready to be scheduled, otherwise false if all the co-routines are blocked.

something like this

signed portBASE_TYPE xCoRoutineSchedule( void )
/* See if any co-routines readied by events need moving to the ready lists. */

/* See if any delayed co-routines have timed out. */

/* Find the highest priority queue that contains ready co-routines. */
while( listLIST_IS_EMPTY( &( pxReadyCoRoutineLists[ uxTopCoRoutineReadyPriority ] ) ) )
if( uxTopCoRoutineReadyPriority == 0 )
/* No more co-routines to check. */
return pdFALSE;

/* listGET_OWNER_OF_NEXT_ENTRY walks through the list, so the co-routines
of thesame priority get an equal share of the processor time. */
listGET_OWNER_OF_NEXT_ENTRY( pxCurrentCoRoutine, &( pxReadyCoRoutineLists[ uxTopCoRoutineReadyPriority ] ) );

/* Call the co-routine. */
( pxCurrentCoRoutine->pxCoRoutineFunction )( pxCurrentCoRoutine, pxCurrentCoRoutine->uxIndex );

return pdTRUE;

The reason this would be useful is for power reduction for example, the IdleHook can look something like this now.

void vApplicationIdleHook( void )
if(xCoRoutineSchedule() == pdFALSE)
//Idle the CPU
PCON = 0x1;//IDle Mode

I haven't tested this yet, but I think it should work fine.

RE: vCoRoutineSchedule to xCoRoutineSchedule

Posted by sashiono on September 21, 2007
i have been running this mod for a while now and it works well.

RE: vCoRoutineSchedule to xCoRoutineSchedule

Posted by sashiono on November 18, 2007
any input into including this mod into the next release? I find it quite useful for power reduction.

RE: vCoRoutineSchedule to xCoRoutineSchedule

Posted by Richard on November 18, 2007
Thanks for your suggestion. I would be grateful if you could add this to the Feature Request tracker under SourceForce. That way I will not forget it :o) http://sourceforge.net/tracker/?atid=659636&group_id=111543&func=browse


RE: vCoRoutineSchedule to xCoRoutineSchedule

Posted by sashiono on November 21, 2007
I didn't know if you actually took requests posted in the Feature Request tracker. I posted up the suggestion.

Btw, Keep up the good work. FreeRTOS is getting better every day.

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