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STR9 Flash pb, no restart after power cycle

Posted by damien h on September 4, 2008
Hi everybody,

I have some trouble to program my STR9 with my USB Olimix JTAG and OpenOCD (r717)

(dev board : E912 Olimex with STR912F44, JTAG : Olimex ARM-USB-OCD, i boot always from bank 0, bank1 is used for data only)

I have no problem for debug, everything works perfectly (including FreeRTOS ;-)

If I load an image, i can execute, do a reset and continue to use my device. But when i loose my power supply, the software CAN'T restart.

Is somebody who have successfully used OpenOCD - Olimex JTAG to burn a STR912 flash ?
Is somebody who have already experienced this kind of events.

Is it something wrong in my linker file ?

Any idea welcome.
Thanks in advance.


_HEAPSIZE = 40000;

flash (rx) : ORIGIN = 0x00000000, LENGTH = 512K
ram (rw) : ORIGIN = 0x04000000, LENGTH = 96K

.text :
*(.text .text.*)
*(.glue_7t .glue_7)
} >flash =0
. = ALIGN(4);

/* .rodata section which is used for read-only data (constants) */

.rodata :
*(.rodata .rodata.*)
} >flash
. = ALIGN(4);

_etext = .;
PROVIDE (etext = .);

/* .data section which is used for initialized data */

.data : AT (_etext)
__data_start = .;
*(.data .data.*)
. = ALIGN(4);
*(.fastrun .fastrun.*)
} >ram
. = ALIGN(4);

_edata = .;
PROVIDE (edata = .);

/* .bss section which is used for uninitialized data */

.bss :
__bss_start = .;
__bss_start__ = .;
*(.bss .bss.*)
. = ALIGN(4);
} >ram
. = ALIGN(4);
__bss_end__ = .;

_end = .;
PROVIDE(end = .);

.heap (NOLOAD) :
__heap_start__ = .;
_heap_start = .;
. = MAX(__heap_start__ + _HEAPSIZE , .);
} >ram
__heap_end__ = __heap_start__ + SIZEOF(.heap);
_heap_end = __heap_start__ + SIZEOF(.heap);


. = ALIGN(32 / 8);
_end = .;
_bss_end__ = . ; __bss_end__ = . ; __end__ = . ;
PROVIDE (end = .);

RE: STR9 Flash pb, no restart after power cycle

Posted by Stefano Oliveri on September 4, 2008
Hi Damien,

I had the same problem on STR912+Eclipse+OpenOCD. I use the same linker file, but I found that the problem was in the startup file - startup.s.

I added the following three code lines just before the _start assembly label:

.section .init, "ax"

ldr pc, =NextInst

This solve my problem by placing the _start function in the right segment.

I hope this should help you.


RE: STR9 Flash pb, no restart after power cycle

Posted by damien h on September 4, 2008
Hi Stephano,

it's clear, You have completely right....
Thank you very much for this help


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