Freescale MCF51CN128 ColdFire V1

I am trying to get the Freescale MCF51CN128 ColdFire V1 port running on my TWR evaluation board.  I am using CodeWarrior v6.3.  I made the necessary changes listed on the FreeRTOS port page and the code builds without errors or warnings.  When I run the code in the debug environment (using the CFV1 FSL Open Source BDM) everything seems to run fine – I see the LEDs blinking.  When I plug the Ethernet cable into the connector on the TWR-SER board I get an ILLEGAL_BP and the debugger stops running.  I see all FEC vectors are remapped to the vFECISRHandler, which is declared as interrupt 86.  Not sure if this is an issue for all other FEC interrupt vectors. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.