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FreeRTOS LTS Roadmap

This page captures the status of each library in our Long Term Support (LTS) release roadmap. All libraries listed on this page have or are being refactored to meet the modularity and code quality criteria stated below. Libraries are moved into the main FreeRTOS download as they meet the criteria (each library also has its own Github repository). When all the libraries are in the main FreeRTOS download they, and the FreeRTOS kernel, will be released with Long Term Support.

LTS Status

Last Updated: 11/10/2020

Library Stage
FreeRTOS+TCP In the main download
coreMQTT (works with any TCP/IP stack) In the main download
corePKCS11 In the main download
coreJSON In the main download
AWS IoT Device Shadow In the main download
OTA In progress
HTTPS In progress
AWS IoT Jobs In progress

LTS Code Quality Checklist

# Category Checks
1 Complexity Score All functions will have a GNU Complexity score of 8 or lower
2 Coding Standard All functions will comply with the MISRA coding standard
3 Static Checking All code will be statically checked with Coverity
4 Function Returns All functions will have a single exit point
5 Code Testing All code will have extensive unit tests. Gcov reports will be used to report the test coverage, and each library will have extended functional tests.
6 Requirements Documentation All libraries will have documented requirements, which may include resource requirements, listing all dependencies, and porting requirements (as applicable)
7 Design Documentation All libraries will have a design document, which may include application and cloud interface, state machines, and synchronization (as applicable).
8 Compiler Warning Code will compile without generating any compiler warnings when the gcc -Wall -Wextra compiler options are used.
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