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[RTOS Message Buffer API]


BaseType_t xMessageBufferResetFromISR( MessageBufferHandle_t xMessageBuffer );

An interrupt safe version of the xMessageBufferReset() API function.

Resets a message buffer to its initial, empty state. Any data that was in the message buffer is discarded. A message buffer can only be reset if there are no tasks blocked waiting to either send to or receive from the message buffer.

Use xMessageBufferReset() to reset a message buffer from a task. Use xMessageBufferResetFromISR() to reset a message buffer from an interrupt service routine (ISR).

Message buffer functionality is enabled by including the FreeRTOS/source/stream_buffer.c source file in the build (as message buffers use stream buffers).


The handle of the message buffer to reset.


If the message buffer is reset then pdPASS is returned. If there was a task blocked waiting to send to or read from the message buffer then the message buffer will not be reset and pdFAIL is returned.

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