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The safety certified kernel for microcontrollers -
in less than 10K bytes!


SafeRTOS is a safety certified RTOS for embedded microcontrollers. It delivers superior performance and pre-certified dependability, whilst utilising minimal resources. SafeRTOS is developed by WITTENSTEIN high integrity systems, official commercial partner to Real Time Engineers Ltd.

SafeRTOS is delivered as source code, with as much or little certification evidence as required. Certification packs and design history files are available that specifically target applications that fall under IEC 61508, EN62304 and FDA 510(k) regulatory requirements.

SafeRTOS has been specifically designed for the (primarily 32-bit) microcontroller market, resulting in a design that is highly optimised for use in applications where a small code size footprint is essential. The SafeRTOS ROM footprint is typically in the 7K to 14K bytes range.

IEC 61508
IEC 61508
IEC 61508

Relationship to FreeRTOS

SafeRTOS logo

FreeRTOS and SafeRTOS share a functional model, run on the same class of microcontroller, and have similar ROM and RAM requirements - but FreeRTOS and SafeRTOS are very different.

SafeRTOS has been developed by a team of safety experts at WITTENSTEIN high integrity systems (WHIS). WHIS grew out from WITTENSTEIN aerospace and simulation. Their mature and rigorous development processes were originally developed for, and used on, flight critical aircraft controls. Consequently, the high integrity development life cycles are well and truly institutionalised within the company working practices.

The FreeRTOS functional model was adopted for a couple of reasons. First, most functional safety standards require developers to prove a certain competency level. With thousands of FreeRTOS developers around the globe, recruitment of engineers who are already familiar with and competent in using the functional model is made easier. Second, the easy availability of FreeRTOS allows prospective SafeRTOS customers to evaluate the usage model. An abstraction layer that allows FreeRTOS to be used with the SafeRTOS API is in development to make this even more compelling.

About WITTENSTEIN high integrity systems

Based in the United Kingdom, WITTENSTEIN high integrity systems (WHIS) are a subsidiary of the WITTENSTEIN AG, a 150 Million Euro mechatronics company spanning the globe. WITTENSTEIN AG are headquartered in Germany.

Originally established in the UK to write software for the aerospace industry, WHIS now provide their software and systems skills and experience to other industry sectors. There is particular interest from the medical and industrial markets, and the WHIS development processes have been updated and adapted accordingly.

WHIS are an ISO9001:2008 and TickIT guide 5.5 certified company for theDesign, development, installation and support of high integrity systems and software for medical, aviation and industrial applications.

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