AWS IoT Over-the-air Update v3.3.0
Client library for AWS IoT OTA
OtaFileContext_t Struct Reference

OTA File Context Information. More...

#include <ota_private.h>

Collaboration diagram for OtaFileContext_t:

Data Fields

uint8_t * pFilePath
 Update file pathname.
uint16_t filePathMaxSize
 Maximum size of the update file path.
 File type after file is open for write.
uint32_t fileSize
 The size of the file in bytes.
uint32_t blocksRemaining
 How many blocks remain to be received (a code optimization).
uint32_t fileAttributes
 Flags specific to the file being received (e.g. secure, bundle, archive).
uint32_t serverFileID
 The file is referenced by this numeric ID in the OTA job.
uint8_t * pJobName
 The job name associated with this file from the job service.
uint16_t jobNameMaxSize
 Maximum size of the job name.
uint8_t * pStreamName
 The stream associated with this file from the OTA service.
uint16_t streamNameMaxSize
 Maximum size of the stream name.
uint8_t * pRxBlockBitmap
 Bitmap of blocks received (for deduplicating and missing block request).
uint16_t blockBitmapMaxSize
 Maximum size of the block bitmap.
uint8_t * pCertFilepath
 Pathname of the certificate file used to validate the receive file.
uint16_t certFilePathMaxSize
 Maximum certificate path size.
uint8_t * pUpdateUrlPath
 Url for the file.
uint16_t updateUrlMaxSize
 Maximum size of the url.
uint8_t * pAuthScheme
 Authorization scheme.
uint16_t authSchemeMaxSize
 Maximum size of the auth scheme.
uint32_t updaterVersion
 Used by OTA self-test detection, the version of Firmware that did the update.
bool isInSelfTest
 True if the job is in self test mode.
uint8_t * pProtocols
 Authorization scheme.
uint16_t protocolMaxSize
 Maximum size of the supported protocols string.
uint8_t * pDecodeMem
 Decode memory.
uint32_t decodeMemMaxSize
 Maximum size of the decode memory.
uint32_t fileType
 The file type id set when creating the OTA job.
 Pointer to the file's signature structure.

Detailed Description

OTA File Context Information.

Information about an OTA Update file that is to be streamed. This structure is filled in from a job notification MQTT message. Currently only one file context can be streamed at time.

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