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[FreeRTOS Embedded IP Stack API]

void FreeRTOS_inet_ntoa( uint32_t ulIPAddress, uint8_t *pucBuffer )

A macro that converts an IP address expressed as a 32-bit number in network byte order to a string in decimal dot notation (for example "").

The standard Berkeley sockets inet_ntoa() function returns a pointer to a string that is normally stored in a global buffer. FreeRTOS_inet_ntoa() deviates from the normal semantics by instead taking the buffer into which the string is written as a parameter. The deviation is to ensure the macro is re-entrant and thread aware.


ulIPAddress   An IP address expressed as a 32-bit value in network byte order.

pucBuffer   A pointer to a buffer into which the IP address will be written in decimal dot notation.

Example usage:

The example on the FreeRTOS_recvfrom() documentation page demonstrates FreeRTOS_inet_ntoa() being used to print the IP address from which a message was received.

The example on the FreeRTOS_GetAddressConfiguration() documentation page demonstrates FreeRTOS_inet_ntoa() being used to print out the network configuration - including the IP address and net mask of the node, and the IP addresses of the gateway and DNS server respectively.

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