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signal.h File Reference

Signals. More...

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Data Structures

union  sigval
 Signal value. More...
struct  sigevent
 Signal event structure. More...


Values of sigev_notify.
#define SIGEV_NONE   0
#define SIGEV_SIGNAL   1
#define SIGEV_THREAD   2

Detailed Description


Signals are currently not implemented in FreeRTOS+POSIX. This header only defines the signal data structures used elsewhere.

Macro Definition Documentation


#define SIGEV_NONE   0

No asynchronous notification is delivered when the event of interest occurs.


#define SIGEV_SIGNAL   1

A queued signal, with an application-defined value, is generated when the event of interest occurs. Not supported.


#define SIGEV_THREAD   2

A notification function is called to perform notification.