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Last site update Jan 14 2014

Features Overview
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FreeRTOS Features:

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FreeRTOS is a scale-able real time kernel designed specifically for small embedded systems. Highlights include:

  • Free RTOS kernel - preemptive, cooperative and hybrid configuration options.
  • The SafeRTOS derivative product provides a high level of confidence in the code integrity.
  • Includes a tickless mode for low power applications.
  • Tiny footprint.
  • Official support for >30 embedded system architectures (counting ARM7 and ARM Cortex-M3 as one architecture each).
  • FreeRTOS-MPU supports the ARM Cortex-M3 Memory Protection Unit (MPU).
  • Designed to be small, simple and easy to use. Typically a RTOS kernel binary image will be in the region of 4K to 9K bytes.
  • Very portable source code structure, predominantly written in C.
  • Supports both real time tasks and co-routines.
  • Queues, binary semaphores, counting semaphores, recursive semaphores and mutexes for communication and synchronisation between tasks, or between real time tasks and interrupts.
  • Innovative event group (or event flag) implementation.
  • Mutexes with priority inheritance.
  • Efficient software timers.
  • Powerful execution trace functionality.
  • Stack overflow detection options.
  • Pre-configured RTOS demo applications for selected single board computers allowing 'out of the box' operation and fast learning curve.
  • Free monitored forum support, or optional commercial support and licensing.
  • No software restriction on the number of real time tasks that can be created.
  • No software restriction on the number of task priorities that can be used.
  • No restrictions imposed on task priority assignment - more than one real time task can be assigned the same priority.
  • Free development tools for many supported architectures.
  • Free embedded software source code.
  • Royalty free.
  • Cross development from a standard Windows host.
  • plus ... some older links

  • Embedded Ethernet example applications.
  • 'How FreeRTOS.orgTM works': Source code explained.
  • Embedded software application design: Tips for using FreeRTOS on small embedded systems.