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FreeRTOS Version 10

Backward Compatibility

FreeRTOS V10 contains a new source file, stream_buffers.c, and for consistency has renamed the StackMacros.h header file stack_macros.h. However, V10 is a drop-in compatible replacement for FreeRTOS V9.x.x, as the new source file is only required to enable new features, and two copies of the changed header file are provided - one with the old name and one with the new. stack_macros.h is only used internally within the FreeRTOS kernel code.

Introducing Stream Buffers and Message Buffers

FreeRTOS 10 contains two significant new features: Stream Buffers and Message Buffers.

Stream Buffers are an inter process communication (IPC) primitive optimized for use in scenarios where there is only one reader and only one writer, such as sending a stream of data from an interrupt service routine (ISR) to an RTOS task, or from one processor core to another.

Message Buffers build on top of Stream Buffers. Whereas Stream Buffers send a continuous stream of bytes, Message Buffers send discrete messages that can be of varying length.

Other Changes

See the change history for more details of new ports and other enhancements.

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